The Café Journal

Welcome to The Best Restaurant of Moema

The Café Journal Restaurant was established in the neighborhood of Moema in 1997. Throughout its history, it became a bar and a restaurant specialized in contemporary cuisine.

We have a diverse and authoral menu, with suggestions of dishes for lunch, dinner and happy hour.

From Monday to Friday, you choose the starter and the main dish and serve yourself of several side dishes. At weekends, the restaurant offers a gourmet buffet.

On special dates, such as Mothers’ Day, Valentines’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, you will have a menu that is especially created to celebrate each moment.

With walls of flaked off bricks, antique objects and paintings, the restaurant is sophisticated, informal and intimate. The space has three ambiences: the main hall, the bar and the winter garden. All of them are part of a pleasant landscaping design, in harmony with the restaurant’s purpose.

Wine lovers will be surprised by the 8 thousand labels and 10 thousand bottles in the wine cellar. Among other beverages, the customer can count on special and boutique beers, cocktails, caipirinha, caipirosca, in addition to the Whisky Club.

Good moments do not have a right time, but they do have a right place