How about a small and intimate wedding?

The ambience and excellent taste of the restaurant already imprint a special charm to mini weddings, which provides more simplicity and pleasure to the work of the bride and groom and the wedding planner.

Everything to ensure the fulfillment of a dream, in an intimate, sophisticated and unforgettable manner!

Many dream of small weddings, in fact, only family and close friends as guests, in an intimate style. We offer the perfect environment for this type of celebration.

Our team of professionals and partners are engaged in transforming your dream into reality, in a creative manner and with a lot of personality.

A wedding, regardless of the size, deserves great care and dedication in the organization phase.

. Every detail is important to ensure that the result is delightful to the bride, groom and guests.

To do so, the Café Journal cuisine team suggests exclusive dinner dishes, in addition to several choices of beverages, decoration and music.

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How about a small and intimate wedding?

Wedding Check List

One year earlier

  • Define wedding date

  • Define budget and start thinking about the number of guests

  • Start separating references regarding style of ceremony/ party you wish


  • Advisory
  • Venue of party
  • Photo/ Video
  • Other professionals who work one wedding a day.

Eleven months

  • Choose venue for event

  • Create a spreadsheet of guests and start filling

  • Choose a decorator

Ten months

  • Define the best type of service for your wedding

  • Pesquise, orce e deguste bebidas

  • Hire a band or a DJ

  • Hire scenic dance floor lighting, if preferred

  • Hire choir for religious ceremony, if preferred

  • Talk about best men, bridesmaids

Seven months

  • Issue honeymoon plane tickets and confirm reservations

  • Verify all necessary documents for the honeymoon destination

  • Start researching hairdos and makeup

  • Ask for budgets the day of the bride (hairdresser, manicure, etc.)

  • Talk to bridesmaids regarding the expectations of the pre-wedding parties

Six months

  • Wedding invitation

  • Menus

  • Thank you cards

  • FaçaTaste the party sweets

  • Research souvenirs

  • Go to dress fittings

  • Book the wedding night

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