Filé Mignon na Founduta Piemontese 2


Options of individual dishes

Traditional Carpaccio 

Thin slices of angus beef, seasoned with caper and olive oil sauce, parmesan cheese and leaves of fresh arugula.

Caprese Salad

Buffalo mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes, pesto sauce and fresh arugula.

Mixed ceviche

Cubes of salmon and white fish marinated in a citric basis with corn, red onion and a touch of pepper. 

Green Salad 

Mix of greens from the vegetable garden, fresh tomatoes, pupunha palm and onion marinated with herbs.

Codfish Ravioli

Light pasta filled with shredded codfish and served with leek cream.

Mini Green Ravioli

Filled with buffalo mozzarella with a rustic tomato sauce.

Papardelli à la Toscana

Prepared with a ragout of hot sausage and striped beans flambé with red wine.

Mushroom Risotto

Classically prepared with wild mushrooms and truffle oil.

Shrimp Risotto

Made with Pink Shrimps and fresh spinach.

Pasta & Risottos

The portions of pasta and risotto are individual, and the value of the dishes do not include starters, sides and desserts.

II Vero Carbonara

Fettuccine with the real carbonara sauce finalized with pancetta.

Traditional gnocchi with Rib Ragout

Produced by hand in our kitchen, served with rib ragout and tomato sauce.

Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Produced by hand in our kitchen, served with a soft gorgonzola and walnut sauce.


Café Journal Classic Pudding

Produced in our kitchen, without little holes and very creamy.

Chocolate Terrine

Chocolate tricolor terrine served with English cream and tropical fruits.

Seasonal Fruit Mix


Complete Menu

Options of dishes for lunch from Monday to Friday

Grilled & Roasted Meat

Angus Tenderloin

Premium 1953 sirloin

Angus Rib Eye

Angus Beef Rib

The noblest part of the beef rib, boneless, marinated and roasted in low temperature for 12 hours, extremely soft.

Choose a sauce for the grilled dish

Dijon Mustard, Cheese and Mushrooms Fonduta, Chimichurri or Rôti.

Lamb – Veal – Pork

Leg of Lamb

Roasted in low temperatures, served with the roast sauce

Veal Shanks

With roast sauce

Breaded Pork Carré

Crusty and served with paprika sauce

Fish & Seafood

Octopus with Provençal sauce

With paprika sauce

Grilled salmon

With Oriental sauce

Cambucu Fish Fillet

With Moqueca sauce

Vegan Dish

Baked eggplant

Eggplant baked in the oven with concassè tomato ragout, black olives and capers, covered with crispy breadcrumbs, finalized with tomato sauce and fresh arugula

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